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Wild Music Opens at Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Experience the Sounds and Songs of Life in the Must-See,  Must-Hear Traveling Exhibit

ATLANTA,  January 28, 2016—Whales compose, bullfrogs chorus, songbirds greet the dawn,  and people everywhere sing and dance. What do they all have in common? Visitors  of all ages will find out on Saturday, February 6 when the new special  exhibition, Wild Music: Sounds and Songs of Life, opens at  Fernbank Museum of Natural History.  This highly interactive exhibit  explores how human music is inspired by the music of other living creatures.  From tiny insects to giant whales, visitors will discover that nature is filled  with “musicians” that create their own melodic masterpieces to communicate.

“Music is a  fascinating subject that combines sound, science, culture and nature. Visitors  of all ages and abilities will enjoy learning about and experimenting with sounds  and music in this interactive exhibition,” said Lynn Anders, Fernbank Museum’s  Education Programs Manager. “From recording studios to musical instruments and  natural sounds, the experience is sure to intrigue everyone.”

Wild  Music also invites visitors to expand their understanding of what makes  music. Through whimsical, hands-on activities, they’ll not only hear the music  that surrounds them every day, but see it and feel it, too. Museum guests will  have the opportunity to speak without using their voices, hear a spider’s call,  mix musical masterpieces of their own and experience animal songs from across  the globe.

“Sound and  music are all around us, from the clanging of trash can lids to a babbling  brook or even a wind-swept sand dune,” said Dr. Bobbi Hohmann, Fernbank’s Vice  President of Education, Collections and Research. “Wild Music explores the connections between the sounds of nature and humans. In this  exhibit, our visitors will discover how people have created music inspired by  the natural world for thousands of years.”


Wild  Music is designed to be accessible for all. All videos in the exhibit  are narrated and captioned, while more than a dozen major components also have  audio descriptions for vision-impaired visitors. Many components incorporate  tactile (raised line) graphic illustrations and have visitor-adjustable volume  controls. All areas of the exhibit were built to be accessible for visitors  using wheelchairs and strollers. In addition, text in Wild Music is printed in large, highly-readable type written in both English, Spanish and  in some areas, Braille.

Wild  Music is a production of the Science Museum of Minnesota, the  Association of Science-Technology Centers, and the University of North Carolina  at Greensboro School of Music, with major support from the National Science  Foundation and additional support from Harman International, Inc. and the NEC  Foundation of America.  Isdell Family Foundation is the Principal Investor  for Wild Music.

Wild  Music is on view at Fernbank Museum from February 6 through July 31,  2016.

SPECIAL  PROGRAMMING: The Wild Music Opening Day Celebration on Saturday,  February 6 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. will feature family-friendly activities  and performances inspired by the exhibition. Visitors will enjoy presentations  by environmental composer Stephen Wood, create their own musical instruments  during a handmade castanet craft, play a matching game to compare animal sounds  to everyday sounds and much more. For more information on this event, visit

Additionally,  guests ages 21+ can purchase tickets enjoy Wild Music during  Fernbank’s Martinis & IMAX® event, one of the most unique  “culture and cocktail” opportunities in Atlanta. The night features special  cocktail menus, small plates, live entertainment, dancing and a chance to see a  film in Fernbank’s IMAX® Theatre. This popular event, the first of its kind in  Atlanta, is held every Friday (excluding holiday weekends) from 7 p.m. to 11  p.m. Musical entertainment begins at 7:30 p.m.   

HOURS AND  TICKETS:  Wild Music, including the Wild Music  Opening Day Celebration, is included with Museum admission. Tickets are  $18 for adults, $17 for seniors, $16 for children ages 3-12, free for children  under 2, and free for Fernbank members. Tickets to view Wild Music during Martinis & IMAX® until 9:15 p.m. are $11, and only $16 to  also include an IMAX® film. 

Fernbank Museum  of Natural History is located at 767 Clifton Road NE in Atlanta. The Museum is  open Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets  and visitor information are available at

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