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Dinosaurs Alive Roars into Fernbank Museum’s IMAX® Theatre with Stunning, Life-Like Animation  

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ATLANTA, August 16, 2016 —Five-story-tall dinosaurs are invading Fernbank Museum of Natural History’s IMAX® Theatre in the giant-screen film Dinosaurs Alive, opening August 19, 2016. The film complements Fernbank’s permanent exhibition, Giants of the Mesozoic, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, and the upcoming special exhibition The World’s Largest Dinosaurs, opening September 17.

Dinosaurs Alive brings dinosaurs, their behaviors and their ancient environments to life—juxtaposing stunningly realistic and scientifically accurate computer-generated imagery (CGI) with intriguing 1920s documentary footage, dramatic new scenes of real fossils, and current dinosaur hunting expeditions. Using state-of-the-art techniques, the film features an array of amazing life-like creatures based on fossil evidence.

Narrated by Michael Douglas, Dinosaurs Alive is a captivating adventure of science and discovery that provides a unique look at the age of dinosaurs. Spectacular animation combines with a live-action story that joins paleontologists in the field as they uncover new fossils—including what may be the oldest dinosaur ever found in North America.

Crucial finds throughout the years have revolutionized our understanding of these mysterious creatures that dominated the earth for 150 million years. The film reveals how paleontologists search for, discover, and study fossils to determine different dinosaur species—including how big they grew, how fast they moved, and how they were related to other species. The film also explores how they interacted, what they ate, how they raised their young, what their surroundings looked like, and how they may have died.

Audiences will meet Tarbosaurus (a close relative to T. rex), VelociraptorsProtoceratops, Seismosaurus and others. They’ll witness dinosaurs locked in combat, nesting in colonies, protecting their young, and facing catastrophic forces of nature. They’ll also learn which dinosaurs traveled in herds, which made nests, which were predators, and which were prey.

While there have been great discoveries over the last century and more is known about these amazing creatures than ever before, the scientific quest to find and understand dinosaurs and the world they inhabited is ongoing. Dinosaurs Alive estimates less than two percent of all the dinosaur species that once lived have been discovered. For young paleontologists, the adventure is just beginning, and Dinosaurs Alive is sure to spark imaginings of what mysteries still lie buried beneath our feet.

Dinosaurs Alive shows daily at Fernbank’s IMAX® Theatre from Friday, Aug. 19 – Thursday, Dec. 15. Dinosaurs Alive also shows Friday evenings during Martinis & IMAX.  For exact show times and to watch the trailer, visit IMAX® tickets are $13 for adults, $12 for seniors, $11 for children and $8 for Museum members, and can be purchased online at or by calling 404.929.6400

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