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Today’s Hours: 10am – 5pm

Special Lecture

Can We Eat Enough? Reflections on Modern Food Consumption

Sunday, June 17, 2018 at 4:30 pm
Presented by Jonathan K. Crane, PhD, Emory University Center for Ethics

Eating well today is a puzzling task. We get mixed messages from science, government, industry, health institutions, traditions and more. Don’t eat that but eat lots of those, they say. In this confusing food environment, how can we make sure our chomping choices are good for us as unique individuals, and how can we personally eat well for society, the environment and economy? A new approach to eating is urgently needed, one that is informed by biology, supported by philosophy and religion, and personally achievable.

Cost: Free; advance reservations are recommended at 404.929.6400.

Presented in conjunction with the special exhibit, FOOD: Our Global Kitchen.

Lecture tickets do not include Museum or Giant Screen Theater admission.