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Breathwalk Workshop - May 7 2017

Breathwalk Workshop

Sunday, May 7, 2017, from 9am – 12pm

This program is also offered Saturday, May 6

Breathwalk is a walking meditation that combines breathing patterns synchronized with your steps and enhanced with mindfulness. Breathwalks can be transformative, using the body to create effective changes in mental and emotional states. In this workshop, participants will discuss theory behind and benefits of Breathwalk, as well as participate in 2 Breathwalks in Fernbank Forest. This workshop will be led by certified Breathwalk instructor Joni Winston.

This program is appropriate for ages 18 and up and lasts approximately 3 hours. Workshop participants will participate in 2 Breathwalks in Fernbank Forest, each lasting between 40 and 50 minutes. Please be advised that the forest trail system includes some rough and uneven terrain as well as paved paths with steep grade. 

Important: Please see our list of guidelines to help you make the most of this program.

Cost: $30 per person. Museum admission not included. Space is limited to 12 people and advance reservations are required at 404-929-6400.

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