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Share Your WOW

Earlier this year, we introduced a new logo and launched a World of WOW brand campaign celebrating the thrilling, engaging, fun adventures that can only be experienced at Fernbank.

What makes YOU say “WOW?” 

We invite you to share in your own words how Fernbank delivers a World of WOW.* To kick things off,  here are a couple “WOW” moments from Fernbank staff members. We hope to include yours soon!

“When I started working at Fernbank, I said “WOW” the very first time I walked through the Great Hall and saw hundreds of kids eating their lunch in the company of some of the world’s largest dinosaurs in Giants of the Mesozoic. I instantly felt transported back to a curious 8-year-old whose obsession with dinosaurs began with The Land Before Time and then later, Jurassic Park. All I could say is “WOW!” I don’t think 8-year-old me would say anything different and now, I can’t wait to extend this WOW to my son.” —Emily H.

“I have a ‘WOW’ moment every time I visit Fernbank Forest! As you walk through WildWoods and go deeper into the forest, you’re surrounded by beautiful trees and creeks that make it hard to believe you’re just minutes away from downtown Atlanta. Visiting the same creek bank that gave Fernbank its name, it’s easy to have the same ‘WOW’ moment that Emily Harrison did over a hundred years ago when she was first inspired to preserve the forest.” —Heather W.

Share Your WOW now!

*We’re collecting “WOW!” moments and stories to share in Fernbank communications. We will attribute your quote with your first name and last initial. However, please indicate if you’d prefer to remain anonymous. To share your “WOW!”, send your story directly to