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Museum At Home

Science Adventures

Air Pressure
Eliese recreates the forces at work in wind and tornadoes using a can, a little heat and a little cold.

Balloon Air Pressure
Educator Miranda shows you how to use the science of air pressure to solve a tricky puzzle.

Borax Crystals
Learn how to grow your own crystals with educator Miranda in this hands-on experiment.

Chocolate Chip Rocks
Explore the three types of rocks and the processes that make them in a new way with educator Eliese.

Cloud in a Bottle
Fernbank educators Doug and Eliese will demonstrate how to make a cloud in a bottle!

Cookie Moon Phases
Join Educator Eliese and get your lunar learning on with this sweet activity.

Edible DNA
Discover DNA alongside Educator Eliese using simply sweet ingredients.

Edible Soil Cup
Join educator Eliese as she explores the geology in our own backyards with a sweet and simple snack.

Fizzy Lemonade
Explore acids and bases with educator Eliese to create homemade lemonade with a bubbly twist.

Ice Cream
Educator Eliese walks you through the simplest scientific method to homemade ice cream!

Lemon Volcano
Educator Miranda will show us how to create an easy volcano at home.

Popcorn Science
Educator Eliese explores the science inside a kernel of popcorn.

Tomato Debate
Join educator Eliese as she uncovers the mysteries of nutrition versus biology in this age-old argument.

Uncover the chemistry of volcanoes with Fernbank educator Eliese!

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