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Today’s Hours: 10am – 5pm

Lab Program

Geology Rocks!

Offered on Tuesdays
Get a hands-on experience with the field of geology! Students will test the properties of minerals, explore the process of fossilization, and delve into the rock cycle in this lab program. From rocks to soils, minerals, and fossils, students will learn about the Earth through activities designed to get them thinking about the history of the world around them.

Program Summary Grades 3-5 

Investigation: Zoology – New Program

Offered on Wednesdays
Take a journey through the tree of life in this mystery organism investigation. This is a “station-rotation” style class. Students will be given a description of an organism, and answer questions about their organism at each station to get closer to discovering their identity. Each station will cover a significant adaptation that defines and classifies a particular set of organisms. Students will explore where their organism fits in the evolutionary tree and what adaptations it has to help it survive.

Program Summary Grades 3-5