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Lunch Information

There are 2 lunch options available to field trip groups: buy lunch in advance from the Fernbank Café or bring your own.

Ordering Lunch

The Fernbank Café offers lunches for your group for only $6.50 (plus tax), featuring a 1 oz. bag of chips, a small cookie, a drink (soda, milk, bottled water or juice box), and a sandwich, hot dog or slice of pizza. To order, submit a completed Lunch Order Form least 2 weeks prior to your visit.* To pick up pre-ordered lunches, the group leader should report to the Fernbank Café. Chaperones are responsible for distributing lunches to the students.

Bring Your Lunch

Lunches can be stored under the staircase in the Great Hall or on the buses. For safety reasons, please use the elevator to transport your food. Please notify security when you are ready to eat so trash cans can be made available. All lunches should be disposed of properly. Groups are responsible for their own food quality. Fernbank will not supply additional coolers or food prep areas.

Where to Eat

Your group may enjoy lunch picnic style on the front lawn, the Dinosaur Plaza, the Terrace or on the floor in the Great Hall. We ask that you do NOT eat on the steps inside or outside the Museum, on the Giants of the Mesozoic exhibit or in The Fernbank Café. No food or drink (other than water) is permitted in WildWoods or Fernbank Forest.

Groups are responsible for their own clean up. Please dispose of all trash/recyclable materials in the containers provided.

Need help or have questions? Contact us at 404.929.6320 or

*Fernbank Museum can cater up to 500 school lunches per day. If the maximum number of lunches has been sold when you make reservations, students will need to bring lunch. If you forget your lunches and have not made prior arrangements, please ask about the emergency on-site lunch option.