Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will my camper(s) be doing all day?  
A. We have strived to bring the same energy to our virtual camps as we do to our on-site camps. Therefore, we have designed a mixture of live, guided sessions with our counselors and independent explorations that require limited parental guidance. Guided sessions include demonstrations, discussions, crafts, and hands-on activities. Independent explorations may include scavenger hunts, building activities or simple experiments. 
Q. How long will my camper(s) be sitting in front of a screen?  
A. Camper activities throughout the day will alternate between live, guided sessions (screen time) and independent exploration sessions. Screen time averages 2 hours but can be up to 3 hours spread throughout the day. 
Q. How are you transitioning on-site activities to virtual?   
A. We have maintained the original concepts and themes from our on-site program and changed the activities to convey those concepts and themes while being suitable for an individual camper. Group activities will be hosted virtually via video conferencing or chat forums on the Moodle platform. 
Q. How much adult help is required?  
A. Each age group will have a different level of autonomy. Below is what we anticipate each age group needing. 

  • Ages 5-7: An adult may need to help these campers navigate Moodle, start each live session, and help them keep track of time. Schedules for each day will be provided and setting alarms for live sessions helps keep the time. These campers may need assistance with crafts or activities; however, we have tried to design activities that will not require help from an adult. 
  • Ages 8-10: Campers in this age range can typically manage time keeping and technology. An adult may choose to stay close by but should expect minimal facilitation for their camper.  
  • Ages 11-13: Ranger camp should not require parental involvement, however an adult may want to assist at the beginning of the day with any technological issues and ensuring the technology is shut down correctly.   

Q. I have multiple children, but not all of them are signed up. Can the others occasionally watch?  
A. We must ensure the safety, security, and privacy of your camper(s) as well as the other campers in the group, so only registered campers may participate. We also only provide materials for registered campers to participate. 
Q. How much workspace does my camper need?  
A. Campers will usually just need a place to sit and 3 feet of workspace. Some activities may involve exploring in nature—either in your backyard or local greenspace—and some activities may require a different type of workspace, such as an empty wall. 
Q. Can you mail supplies in advance?  
A. Unfortunately, shipping charges and delays in transit times have led us to choose curbside pickup rather than mailing supplies. If you need to request a pickup time outside of those that have been provided, please contact the Education Department at or 404.929.6327/6341.
Q. If my child is sick or needs a break from camp, are they able to take one?  
A. Absolutely. While some of the activities are live, they do not necessarily build on each other. Your camper does not need to participate in all the activities if they are unable to. 
Q. Is a computer recommended over a tablet? 
A. The Moodle virtual learning platform can be used on a computer, tablet, or mobile device as long as it has internet, video capabilities and microphone to participate in video conferences. 
Q. What steps are you taking to ensure a safe and welcoming online environment?  
A. Fernbank counselors are trained and experienced working with all ages and in a variety of settings. Staff go through an extensive interview process (including reference checks) and must pass background checks prior to being hired. Access to virtual camp sessions is reserved only for registered participants via a unique URL. Moodle will be closely moderated for appropriate behavior during video interactions and chats. Staff members will be present for and supervise all video sessions. Fernbank reserves the right to remove any camper that harasses or bullies other campers, or any camper that displays excessively disruptive behavior. Non-serious behavioral issues will be addressed with a caregiver in an effort to modify behavior. 
Q. Why is there a $50 administration fee for cancellations?  
A. We begin preparing for summer camp eight months in advance, including purchasing materials. Camp spaces are highly competitive, and we depend on the revenue from registrations to cover expenses accrued for both camp operations and during planning and development. Without the administrative fee, when families cancel, we lose a disproportionate amount of revenue that we may not be able to recoup.  
Still have questions? Contact the Education Department at or 404.929.6327/6341.