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Interactive Experiences

Throughout the Our Senses: An Immersive Experience, put your senses to the test as you encounter challenges, interactions and technologies that help make sense of your senses while revealing the secret sights, sounds and smells that only other species know.

Interactive experiences include:

  • Shine a white light on colorful decorated walls to reveal hidden images that show how different the world can appear when illuminated in white, blue, green, or red.
  • Analyze an audio collage to track individual sounds, such as an individual instrument within an orchestra.
  • Explore a garden through the eyes of a bee or a butterfly, where flowers appear like enormous targets, with ultraviolet marks that identify a meal.
  • Use an infrared viewer to hunt like a snake using heat to detect prey.
  • Dial into animal sounds normally outside the range of human hearing—including the calls of a whale, elephant, mouse and bat.
  • See with your brain as you experience how you are able to interpret incomplete or inconclusive imagery.
  • Discover what happens when your senses disagree in a balancing test, where your feet feel a flat floor but your eyes see curves, dips and ripple
  • Get hands-on in a touch zone that engages multiple types of nerve endings to feel different patterns, temperatures and textures.
  • Sniff out fragrance notes to identify individual scents in a symphony of smells.
  • Test a computer’s learning abilities by arranging puzzle-like pieces to create pictures then challenge the computer to get better at guessing what they are.

Cost: Included with general museum admission and CityPASS. Members FREE.

Our Senses is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York (