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  • Pulley Chair Girl
  • Speedtable
  • Ball
  • Earthquaketable
  • Gravitywell
  • JON 4748
  • JON 4956
  • Kidspullinghoriz
  • Launch Tube

Fantastic Forces

Coming Soon (Summer 2019)

Fernbank invites curious minds to boldly explore the principles that govern our world—from the physical phenomena that influence the motion and behavior of all matter to the extraordinary forces that shape our planet.

This summer, we’ll open a brand new STEM-rich exhibition, where guests will engage in thrilling, interactive explorations that investigate science through a variety of exciting, hands-on and fun experiences, including:

  • Bernoulli Table
  • Air Rockets
  • Gravity Well
  • Pull-Yourself-Up Pulley System
  • Aircraft Launcher
  • Shake Table
  • Hot Wax Volcano
  • Tesla Ball

To make way for this exciting new experience, Sensing Nature will close Sunday, April 21. Some components of the exhibit will be relocated to other areas of the museum.

Help us ignite a passion for science with a gift to the Annual Fund.