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Dinosaur Plaza

Fernbank's Dinosaur Plaza includes a variety of features, including a pedestrian-friendly outdoor gathering space with plants, trees and flowers; a welcoming atmosphere for education, enjoyment and relaxation.

The centerpiece of the new plaza is a family of bronze dinosaurs poised to greet visitors-many of them families as well-as they arrive at the Museum. The dinosaurs are a hadrosaur species known as Lophorhothon atopus, which once lived in the region that is now Georgia.

Fernbank is the first museum to ever create a display of Lophorhothon atopus. The sculptures are part of an outdoor exhibition, which includes details about the dinosaurs, their prehistoric environment, and their deduced behaviors, including the care they took of their young.

In August 2009, Fernbank patrons voted on names for the new family- mother Georgia (center), Haddie (left juvenile) and Ferny (right juvenile)!

Visit our Flickr page to see special behind-the-scene photos as well as photos of the arrival and installation.