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Fantastic Forces

New STEM Exhibit

Explore combustion, aerodynamics, plate tectonics and more in Fantastic Forces, a new STEM exhibit now open at Fernbank. Activities highlight the science of rockets, tornadoes, earthquakes, liquefaction, lightning, planetary orbits, gravity, centripetal force and more. Build a wax volcano, witness the power of a tornado, launch aircraft and more in this new hands-on, minds-on exhibit.

Interactive stations offer opportunities for all ages—especially adults and older children—to engage with the forces that govern our planet:

  • Pull Yourself Up—Experiment with mechanical advantage by raising themselves up using different pulley systems.
  • Blast Off—Manipulate air pressure to launch rockets.
  • Twist it Up—Create a funnel similar to those created by wind in a tornado.
  • Tug of War—Use a lever to gain a mechanical advantage.
  • Take to the Sky—Use a model airplane or bird to explore the forces of flight.
  • Super Charged—Take an inside look at lightning.
  • Sinking Feeling—Explore what happens when solid soil becomes liquid through liquefaction.
  • Shake it Up—Harness the power of an earthquake to explore building engineering.
  • Spin Out—Test the power of centripetal force and friction by experimenting with objects on a turntable.
  • Defying Gravity—Use balls and flowers to explore air pressure and lift.
  • Up, Up and Away—Experiment with aerodynamics using objects of different shapes and sizes.
  • Into the Vortex—Explore gravitational pull and planetary orbits with balls, coins and a funnel.
  • Explosive Earth—Use melted wax to form a shield volcano.

Cost: Free with museum admission and CityPASSMembers free

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