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Weird Science Day

Saturday, September 24, 2022 10:00 AM — 1:00 PM

Fernbank invites you to explore all things strange, unusual and delightfully weird during this family-friendly discovery day. 

Activities Include:
Big Thinkers: Slime Booth
The Big Thinkers team invites you to learn about chemical reactions by making your very own slime that you get to take home.  

Spooky Static
Household Objects leap through the air without being touched – poltergeists? NO, it’s electricity! Learn how static charge can make objects float and fly.

Colors on Fire
Have you ever seen fire change color? Come ignite your curiosity with Fernbank educators.

Can You Guess What Your Brain is Thinking?
Can you match the part of the brain to its function? Join our friends from Emory University’s Department of Psychology for The Brain Game and see how different areas of the brain “light up” when we perform different tasks.

Bubble Man
A Fernbank favorite, Georgia Bubbleman will be in our Dinosaur Plaza, showing guests an array of bubbles bigger than a dinosaur egg!

Weird Coloring
Get your creative streak going with a coloring station that’s different from your average day in art class.


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