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Antarctic Dinosaurs Celebration

Saturday, October 9, 2021 10:00 AM — 1:00 PM

What's cooler than being cool? Antarctic Dinosaurs! Join Fernbank for the opening of a new special exhibit, Antarctic Dinosaurs and the new giant screen movie, Dinosaurs of Antarctica.*

Meet “Dinosaurs of Antarctica” explorers, learn about fossil hunting, enjoy a special photo op and more.

Scheduled Activities** 

Antarctic Dinosaurs Exhibit  
Special Exhibit Hall, Lower Level
Embark on an adventure to uncover never-before-seen dinosaur fossils from one of the most isolated environments on Earth. 

Dinosaurs of Antarctica Movie* 
Giant Screen Theater (separate purchase required)
11:15am, 1:15pm, 3:15pm
Take an epic journey back in time to a prehistoric world now lost to ice in this new giant screen adventure.

Meet the “Dinosaurs of Antarctica” Explorers 
with Paleontologists Dr. Nathan Smith and Dr. Patty Ryberg
Frances Wood Wilson Foundation Theater, Lower Level
10:30am-11am and 1pm-1:30pm 
Take an epic journey back in time with Dr. Nathan Smith and Dr. Patty Ryberg, scientists featured in the giant screen film Dinosaurs of Antarctica. Hear stories of their fossil-hunting adventures, see the cells of a plant that's been fossilized for 260 million years, and check out a 3D-printed dinosaur brain.  

Fossil Hunting Discoveries
Dr. Patty Ryberg
Great Hall, Lower Level
Drop by to meet Dr. Patty Ryberg, a paleontologist and Antarctic explorer. Ask questions about fossil hunting around the world, and see the inside of a 260-million-year-old plant from Antarctica. This unique continent has an abundance of the rarest type of fossil preservation with individual cells still present, allowing scientists see what the insides of extinct plants were like. 

Let’s Talk Dinos
Great Hall, Lower Level
See fossils, models and more to learn about Fernbank’s own collection of dinosaurs, including Giganotosaurus, Argentinosaurus and T. rex

Antarctic Explorer Photo-Op
Great Hall, Lower Level
Become an Antarctic explorer in this photo opportunity, featuring authentic expedition parkas and an icy scene from the Dinosaurs of Antarctica film. 

Cool Creations 
Great Hall, Lower Level
Discover fun facts and color illustrations of some of Antarctica’s coolest residents. 

Cost: Included with general admission. Members FREE.

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 Members and non-members must reserve tickets in advance to guarantee admission. Because we are operating at reduced capacity, when time slots are sold out, we are unable to add additional tickets.    

*Tickets for the giant screen movie Dinosaurs of Antarctica are not included with general admission or member tickets. Movie tickets are $6.95.

**Programs and times are subject to change without notice.

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