About Fernbank Museum

Only at Fernbank Museum can you come face-to-face with the world's largest dinosaurs, explore the development of life on Earth through the landscapes of present-day Georgia, connect with cultures from around the globe, engage in a variety of hands-on exhibitions and more! And you won't want to miss stunning rotating special exhibitions or the incredible 5-story experience of an IMAX® film.


Fernbank Museum’s mission is to inspire life-long learning of natural history through immersive programming and unmatched experiences to encourage a greater appreciation of our planet and its inhabitants.

Sustainability Initiatives

Fernbank Museum is committed to green practices and has been since its founding in the late 1930s to preserve Fernbank Forest as a school in the woods for nature studies.
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Fernbank Museum officially opened its doors in October 1992, but the history of the Museum begins much earlier.
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Support Us

Fernbank's network of support creates incredible opportunities for the Museum to expand its outstanding programming and success. As a private 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Fernbank Museum relies on generous donations from visitors like you!
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Ask a Scientist

Do you have a question about something you saw during a visit to the Museum? Or do you need help identifying a rock, insect, snake or tree? Let a Fernbank Museum scientist help you find the answer! Call Ask a Scientist at 404.929.6300, extension 7005, or send your question to askascientist@fernbankmuseum.org.

What's in a logo?

Fernbank's fossil floors aren't the only place you may recognize the shape of an ammonite. Inspired by ammonite and conch Nautilus shells, the Museum's logo features a spiral, a pattern commonly observed in nature. Seen in the double helix of the DNA molecule, a fingerprint, the swirl of a hurricane and the prehistoric shape of an ammonite, these spirals symbolize growth and open-ended learning.
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