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Wild Music

Wild Music

On view February 6 – July 31, 2016

Hear it. Feel it. Play it.

Whales compose, bullfrogs chorus, songbirds greet the dawn, and people everywhere sing and dance. What do we all have in common? Music is all around us.

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Discover that nature is filled with “musicians” that create distinct musical masterpieces to communicate with and relate to one another. Explore how human music is inspired by the music of other living creatures—from tiny insects to giant whales. Experience animal songs from across the globe, speak without using your voice, hear a spider’s call, mix a musical masterpiece, and much more.

Through whimsical, hands-on activities, you’ll not only hear the music that surrounds you every day, but you’ll see and even feel it too.

Wild Music is presented in English, Spanish and, in some areas, Braille.

Exhibition Highlights:

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Wild Music is a production of the Science Museum of Minnesota, the Association of Science-Technology Centers, and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro School of Music, with major support from the National Science Foundation and additional support from Harman International, Inc. and the NEC Foundation of America.

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Dates subject to change without notice.