Field Trips

Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear is an exciting exhibit that offers immersive environments and engaging hands-on experiences. The exhibition examines the difference between learned and instinctive fears, the physical changes we experience when we are afraid, and how some animals not only survive, but thrive in the wild by trusting their fear instincts. Test your own fears and learn more about the science of why some of us are afraid of germs, worms, and even school terms within an enjoyable and safe, though sometimes frightening, environment.

This special exhibition covers a broad range of themes relating to life science, the nature of science, the scientific method and neurobiology. These themes align with several Georgia Performance Standards. An educator guide developed by the California Science Center is also available. 

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Scholarship Funding

Fernbank Museum is honored to receive funding from generous corporations, foundations and individuals to help subsidize admissions for underserved students. A limited number of scholarships are available for qualifying school groups. Please call 404.929.6320 to find out if your school is eligible.