Fernbank Forest 

Fernbank Forest is a 65-acre undisturbed, old-growth hardwood forest centrally located in metropolitan Atlanta. Although Fernbank Forest is one of the largest assemblages of such land in the Piedmont region, it is a small remnant of the type of majestic forests that originally covered this area of the United States. Since the 1800s, nearly all of Atlanta's original vegetation has been lost to farming and development. Many birds, small mammals, turtles and snakes live year round in Fernbank Forest. Many species of protected migratory birds also thrive within the forest.  

Fernbank Forest, preserved by Fernbank Museum’s founders nearly a century ago, is nothing short of a national treasure. It is at the heart of the Museum’s mission to fulfill—in a noteworthy and environmentally sensitive manner—the rich legacy Fernbank’s Trustees began.

Current Restoration Work
Public Programs in Fernbank Forest