Giants of the Mesozoic

Cast of Characters

tnArg.jpg Argentinosaurus (ar-gin-TEEN-oh-SAWR-us)
This exhibition contains the world's first fully mounted Argentinosaurus,the largest dinosaur ever classified. It weighed over 100 tons and measured more than 123-feet long, the length of nearly four school buses. Uncovered in Patagonia, Argentina, its name which "Argentine Lizard." This plant-eating creature feasted primarily on conifers and lived 90 million years ago.
tnGiganotosaurus.jpg Giganotosaurus (gee-ga-NOH-toh-SAWR-us)
Giganotosaurus, which weighed 8-10 tons, is the world's largest meat-eating dinosaur. The scissor-shaped teeth of this ferocious hunter measured up to eight inches long. This 47-foot-long creature, whose name means "Great Southern Lizard," lived 95 million years ago. Giganotosaurus is approximately four feet longer than Tyrannosaurus rex, and its 6-foot-long skull was as big as a human's entire body.
tnAnhan.jpg Anhanguera (AN-han-GER-uh)
Anhanguera is a flying reptile, or pterosaur, that lived 120 million years ago. Named "Old Devil," this bird-like reptile's wingspan measured 18-19 feet. Its diet consisted of fish, which were likely consumed while in flight.
tnPter.jpg Pterodaustro (TER-oh-DAS-troh)
Pterodaustro is a smaller flying reptile whose name means "Wing of the South." A flock of 21 pterosaurs, each with a wingspan of 52 inches, soars over the Great Hall. These creatures had roughly 500 bristle-like teeth that sifted small organisms out of the water. Short blunt teeth in its upper jaw enabled it to chop its prey into smaller pieces. Pterodaustro lived 125 million years ago.