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Neighborhood Nestwatch Atlanta

Did you know? Your backyard is not only a habitat for birds—it’s an important part of a larger ecosystem that supports a variety of animal and plant life.

Be a citizen scientist and help track and protect local bird populations with the new program, Neighborhood Nestwatch.

You can help scientists answer important questions about the impacts of urbanization on birds by volunteering your backyard as a study site. This is a unique opportunity to be a biologist in your own backyard as you learn about birds and help scientists solve critical questions regarding the survival of backyard bird populations.

Registered participants receive a mentored experience in which scientists visit your yard to band birds and help you find nests. Participants will also learn how to collect and report data on nests and banded birds, as well as monitor year-to-year activity.

Fernbank Museum is now recruiting at least 50 new households to begin the program in April 2015. We are seeking households within a 50-mile radius of the Museum, with a mix of urban, suburban and exurban/rural backyards.

If you are interested in participating, please provide following information.*

 We will select and notify participating households beginning in April.

Fernbank Museum is proud to be the Neighborhood Nestwatch Atlanta host site for this signature program from the Smithsonian Institution.
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Special thanks to the Atlanta Audubon Society.

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