Exhibitions at Fernbank Museum are interdisciplinary and support PreK–12 Georgia Performance Standards. Each year, the Museum features travelling special exhibitions, so there’s always something new to see.

Special Exhibitions

Limited Engagements* 

Whales: Giants of the Deep
On view through August 24, 2014
Explore the latest research about these marine mammals and the central role they have played for thousands of years in human cultures. Featuring life-size models, interactive displays, videos, and more than 20 stunning whale skulls and other specimens, the exhibition is highlighted by the skeleton of a 58-foot sperm whale.
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Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear
Opens September 27, 2014
Learn more about the science behind fear in a safe and enjoyable environment. This immersive experience examines physiological, neurobiological, and sociological aspects of fear through a variety of engaging activities.
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The Power of Poison
Opens February 2015
Explore poison’s roles in nature, myth, and human health—as a defense against predators, source of strength, or lethal weapon-turned-lifesaving treatment. This new special exhibition uses models, objects, interactives and live animals to explore the biology of poison and its role in nature, human history, and health.

Permanent Exhibitions

Available Year-round

A Walk Through Time in Georgia
Discover two exhibits in one as you explore Georgia’s natural regions and the history of the Earth. Journey from the Piedmont to the Coast and Barrier Islands, and encounter towering dinosaurs, a dazzling underwater habitat, and a realistic Okefenokee Swamp. More than a dozen galleries bring the natural world to life and vividly reveal how Earth’s landscapes and life forms have changed through time.
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Fernbank NatureQuest
Be a scientist and embark on a quest to enjoy live animal habitats and over 100 hands-on opportunities starting at exploration headquarters—a clubhouse—in this award-winning, permanent exhibition. Featuring a highly immersive atmosphere, Fernbank NatureQuest inspires students in Pre-K through 4th grade to go on an open-ended journey of the natural world.
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Giants of the Mesozoic
Step into prehistoric Patagonia, and stand among the world’s largest dinosaurs, flying pterosaurs and other creatures dating back 100 million years.
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Sensing Nature
Science is a hands-on adventure in this demonstration of the role our senses play in interpreting the world around us. Interactive stations employ mirrors, lenses and other tools to help students investigate the properties of light and sound and how our brain makes sense of what we see and hear.

Reflections of Culture
Discover how people communicate information about themselves without words, but rather through their clothing, jewelry and even body modification. Authentic artifacts from around the world allow your students to explore culture, geography, economics and politics. Interactive stations help students identify how what they wear can reflect aspects of their own culture, including group membership, status and beliefs.
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The World of Shells and The Star Gallery
Discover exquisite shells collected from the coast of Georgia and shores throughout the world. Learn about stars and constellations, and view live-streaming images from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescope.
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Conveyed in Clay: Stories from St. Catherines Island
Explore 5,000 years of Georgia’s history as revealed by artifacts discovered on this barrier island. Trace Native Americans’ innovation, from North America’s oldest pottery to 16th-century artifacts. See the evidence of European contact and explore how these cultures influenced each other. Discover how archaeologists have pieced together these stories from the fragments left behind.
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