Museum Musings

Fernbank Hosts “VIK”

On Saturday, February 2, 2013, Fernbank Museum hosted a "VIK" – a very important kid, Kenny Stewart. Kenny, age 12, visited the Museum along with his mom, Anna, and brother, Alex, age 7, as part of the Make A Wish Foundation. Everyone was excited to welcome Kenny to Fernbank. In fact, Kenny's visit began with a special welcome card delivered by the Museum's mascot, Giggy A. Dinosaur.


Next, Kenny and his family began touring the Museum, starting with A Walk Through Time in Georgia and then to Fernbank NatureQuest. Our "VIK" also was given a behind-the-scenes tour of Fernbank's live animal collection and a private animal encounter with educator Charlee G.


Following the animal encounter, education VP Christine B. gave the group a tour of collections – an area of the Museum that houses a number of artifacts which belong to the Museum, but aren't on display to the public.


Kenny's visit concluded with a trip to Alaska through the powerful imagery of Fernbank's IMAX® Theatre.


We really enjoyed getting to meet Kenny and his family. It was not only a great day for Kenny, but also for everyone at Fernbank. We were delighted to share the Museum with them in honor of Kenny's Wish Day. Thank you, Kenny, for making Fernbank Museum part of your Make A Wish-Georgia experience!

—Deanna Smith, Director of Marketing

Written by Fernbank Museum at 11:13