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It's the "REEL" Deal

Not all IMAX® Theatres are created equal.

IMAX® Theaters can be found throughout Georgia, but Fernbank Museum’s IMAX® is not like the rest! So, what is it that sets us apart?

Fernbank Museum houses the only genuine IMAX® Theater in the city of Atlanta. Creating the IMAX® experience is about much more than film format. The entire theatre, including the screen and seating, are designed specifically for showing IMAX® movies. Below are some fun facts about Fernbank’s IMAX® Theatre.Generic IMAX by Boris.jpg

The Experience

  • Our films are incredibly realistic. Viewers are treated to a uniquely immersive experience, in which they are able to explore new places, creatures and cultures up-close.
  • Two major considerations when choosing a new IMAX® film are its storyline, and whether or not the film is relevant to Fernbank Museum’s mission. Fernbank often tries to choose films with storylines that mirror its special exhibitions.

The Screen & Sound

  • The screen in our IMAX® Theater is 55 ft tall and 72 ft wide. That means that it’s as tall as a five story building, with a width comparable to the length of a tennis court.
  • The screen has a unique concave shape, which helps to create a feeling of immersion when watching the film.
  • Fernbank’s IMAX® Theatre features state-of-the art surround sound. Viewers are treated to a film that tantalizes not only the eyes, but the ears as well.

The Film

  • Fernbank's Theatre continues to show movies shot in film, rather than digital format.
  • Films are shot on 70 mm film, with a frame size of 15/70. To those that aren’t up on  film jargon, this basically means that the film is bigger and allows for a much higher resolution than standard film, which is generally 35 mm with a frame size of 5/70.
  • Films are held on reels that weigh around 200 lbs. In order to move these reels, the IMAX® staff uses a small fork lift!
  • The Projector
  • IMAX® film requires a special projector that weighs over two tons and occupies the majority of the space in our projector room.

Be sure to check out our Expereince IMAX® page for a list of currently showing films and catch a flick on the biggest screen in town!

Did you know?
You can see the IMAX® projector room for yourself!

Located on the third floor of the Museum, across from Fernbank NatureQuest, there is a large window that allows guests to take a peek into the projector room. However, IMAX® staff only opens the window’s curtain for the 15 minute period between film showings. So, be quick, or you’ll miss your chance!

—Sam Marks, Communications and Marketing Intern


Written by Fernbank Museum at 13:54