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A Toothy Adventure

The alligator tank in Fernbank NatureQuest is cleaned once a week, usually on Sunday. During this process, the alligators are put into individual containers for safe-keeping. The tank is drained and scrubbed and refilled with fresh water, just in time for Museum guests to arrive.

In anticipation of the upcoming "alligator swap," Animal Programs Manager Lynn A., decided to use this opportunity to weigh and measure the alligators. Here are few photos of this process.

A Toothy Adventure1.JPG

Animal Programs Manager, Lynn A. places one of the alligators inside a different plastic container sitting on a scale.

A Toothy Adventure2.JPG

The lid is closed and staff waits for the alligator to settle down a bit to get a more accurate reading. (The weight of the plastic container is subtracted from the total.)

A Toothy Adventure3.JPG

And now, it's time to measure length! This is the smallest of the three. It measured 25" and weighed 1.5lbs.

A Toothy Adventure4.JPG

This one's the medium of the bunch. It measured 26" and weighed 1.6lbs.

A Toothy Adventure5.JPG
A Toothy Adventure6.JPG

And finally, for the largest of the trio, measuring 26" and weighing 1.7lbs.

A Toothy Adventure7.JPG

One last look, then the alligators were put back in their tank.

A Toothy Adventure8.JPG

OH NO! One of them got loose! Just kidding…

Be sure to visit these alligators before they leave on September 9. Want to have your own behind-the-scenes experience? Enter to win an Alligator Encounter!  

—Deanna Smith, Director of Marketing

Written by Fernbank Museum at 09:37