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The Scoop on Interning

Kate Donlon Animal Encounter.JPG
This summer has been the most exciting summer of my life. Why? Because I am an intern at Fernbank Museum of Natural History! The Museum offers a variety of diverse internship opportunities. Interns can gain valuable experience in everything from marketing to botany and even animal husbandry. As an animal programs intern I help care for the animal collection at the Museum. Tasks such as giving a boa a bath, feeding a skink a salad and cleaning up after a slippery salamander are all in a day’s work at Fernbank. But my favorite part of my internship is sharing the animals with the public through daily Animal Encounters.

Currently the museum is home to the special exhibit The Scoop on Poop. I never imagined the word “poop” would be present on my resume. But there it is sandwiched between the words scoop and intern! When working with animals there is always plenty of it to deal with. But don’t worry, you won’t have to clean up any when you visit the exhibit, that’s my job!  As an intern. my knowledge of this sometimes icky but always interesting topic has improved considerably. Did you know that petrified ancient poop is called a coprolite? This is just one of many interesting facts you will learn when you visit this summer.

The Museum is a great place to escape the heat. Make sure to check out a schedule of the daily activities so you can plan to stop by an animal encounter to meet a furry, scaly or slimy new friend. Hope to see you soon at the Museum!

—Kate Donlon, Education Programs Intern

Written by Fernbank Museum at 08:58