Science at Hand Day

Saturday, November 8

Astronomy, biology, chemistry—oh my! Which of the sciences will you try?

This is a unique chance to learn what it’s like to be a scientist and explore different scientific fields. Guests will enjoy one-on-one opportunities to talk with scientists and community volunteers, learn more about sciences through hands-on activities and more.

SPECIAL OFFER: Scouts in uniform will receive $3 off Value Pass tickets (includes Museum and IMAX® admission).*

Scheduled Activities**
All activities are located in the Great Hall from 10am-2pm.
Astronomy Club, Georgia State University
Investigate the wonders of our solar system and all the remarkable objects within it. See the relative size of the solar system, basic use of a telescope and learn about the Martian rovers.

Chemistry Club, Clayton State University
Marvel at the magic of chemistry and explore the sweet side of chemistry with chromatography of candy.

Chemistry Pages, Adrian Dingle
Delve into the periodic table by building a 3-D model and more with this award-winning science educator.

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, Georgia Tech Chapter
Is there such a thing as an earthquake-proof building? Build structures and test their stability with a simulated earthquake.

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Georgia Tech
Explore the good and bad design of everyday devices and see how ergonomics can positively impact daily life.

Nanotechnology, Fernbank Museum
How small is nano? A human hair can be as thin as 10,000 nanometers. Interact with nano materials and investigate how nanotechnology impacts our lives today and in the future!  

Neurobiology of Fear Lab, Yerkes National Primate Research Center at Emory University
View real brains and learn about how the brain works, from neuronal cells to connections to circuits to behavior, through a variety of hands-on activities.

Neuroscience Institute, Georgia State University
What do brains do? Get an up close look at different animal brains and build a brain out of dough. 

Society of Physics Students, Georgia State University
Get up close to a 3D printer and other amazing physics gadgets.

The NSF/NASA Center for Chemical Evolution
What happens when you mix two everyday objects together - cornstarch and water? Get messy and find out more about edible chemistry.

The Learning and Development Lab, Psychology at Georgia State University
Learn how we understand our bodies through perception with astonishing activities like the rubber hand illusion.

Warnell School for Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia  
Connect with nature by creating a tree slice about your own life, marking important events and how much you’ve grown each year.

Cost: All Science at Hand Day activities are included with Museum admission and free for members.

*Limit 4. At least 1 member of the party must be in a Scout uniform. Offer not valid with any other discount. Valid 11/8/14 only. Code: Scouts-VP-$3.

**Schedule subject to change. 

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